Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 13

"What's in your purse?"
Instead of being embarrassed of how much was jammed in my purse, I'm going to be proud that as a wife of an engineer I could fit this much in my purse.
I can honestly say my purse isn't so full after this tally. Here it goes

Wallet including ID, cards of all sorts, no money though-
Visiting teaching list
4 receipts
3 pressed powders
2 lipstick
2 chap stick type tubes
3 types of over the counter meds
2 prescription meds
Band aids
8 sticks of gum
1 small notebook
3 pens
3 sets of headphones
$1.93 in change
Coupons for Roberts crafts
2 peppermints
Dental floss
Appointment card
3 tiny chocolates
2 little lotions
1 airborne drink powder
1 cold ease
1 paperclip

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