Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day whatever 19? 20? Whatever

A favorite memory. Yep our engagement photo!! Love love love it. Davies brother in law took our pictures for us at Bridal Veil Falls in June or July 1983. On that afternoon he accidentally dropped his lens cap in the little pond where he was standing on rocks to get a nice shot of us. He told us it had fallen and the water was kind of swirling and moving. He reached down to to see if he could find it and he pulled it right up- cool miracle. But that isn't the best memory part, just a fun little memory. The best part is how happy I was to e engaged to my good husband!
What! A! Catch!!
This last weekend I saw lots of tv coverage of a royal wedding. The bride was beautiful, her dress was gorgeous and classic, her wedding guests were plentiful and famous, her chapel was traditional and majestic and her groom would one day be a king of their country. But, sorry Kate, I really took the prize when I got married. My dress cost 100.00 and it was sewn by my loving mother. My wedding guests all really cared about me and my David and our eternal union. my "chapel" was built by pioneer forefathers and was and is very sacred. My groom will someday be king of a celestial country, and his vows with me were also with God, and David will be honorable to all those vows.
What an amazing blessing and memory!

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