Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tender mercies

Saturday Aubrey and I set out early to get food and items. Our first stop we saw Brother Packer from our Lehi ward. We talked about the mission and he wished her well. I started having nagging thoughts about how we should be having the farewell with people that know and love Aubrey, people that have seen her grow up. I was kinda bummed about that. But then some angels got to work and we ended up running into many Lehi loved ones. We saw Sister Ball, Pres and Sister Raines, and one of Aubs HS buds (pictured) then later some more Raines. I think a few more. Awesome!! How often does that happen in one day? It did my heart so !good! to see familiar faces while AJ and I ran around. Familiar! As in family. Tonight the bishop and stake president came over to set Aubrey apart. I partially wished it was Bishop Bailey and Pres Raines. I still long for our Lehi family.
Our current ward and stake are great though and maybe it is the right time for us to be here. I have to believe that. I gotta. Pres. Anderson and bishop Johnson are great and so kind to us.
Being surrounded by so many loving kind people of God is a huge tender mercy.

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