Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Once again, a gentle lesson from a stranger.

I'm not sure its appropriate that I write these thoughts.  They have been heavily on my mind, and my heart.  Just the other day there was a recent happening in our community that has been fore front in my mind.  Several loved ones are closer to the situation than me certainly, but as any human being, the compassion I feel is deep.  This was pasted on facebook, so I don't feel like I am breaching any privacy in posting it here. 

As many of you know Wendy passed away Saturday night April 30, 2011. There have been many questions asked about the details of her passing. Instead of having Denny recount the events over and over again the details are being posting here on Wendy’s facebook page and soon on their family blog @

Saturday started as a normal day. Wendy and her family had fun attending Dallin’s soccer game in the morning, she played with her family all day, and ended the day with a fun church activity. After putting the kids down for the night Wendy and Denny laid in bed together and watched some television and talked excitedly about their future plans with Denny’s recent acceptance into medical school. Around 9:30 pm Wendy complained about lower back pain. She got out of bed and started pacing the room to try and relieve the pain when she told Denny that something was seriously wrong and then she collapsed to the ground. Denny immediately jumped to her aid. Wendy wasn’t breathing so Denny started CPR and chest compressions and continued until the paramedics arrived. Wendy was transported by ambulance to American Fork hospital where they performed an emergency C-section to try and save her baby girl. Wendy was pronounced dead shortly after they took the baby. The baby, Maylee Wendy Mack, was in critical condition and was flown to the NICU at IMC in Murray. Little Maylee continued on life support until early Monday morning where after a beautiful blessing given to her by her father the breathing tubes were removed and she quietly and peacefully slipped away to be with her mother.

Our hearts are broken with the loss of these two precious lives.

Wendy is survived by her husband Denny and their three children; Dallin (6), Kenna (4), and Evan (2).

There is nothing more important to Wendy than family and at this time her little family needs your help. Due to Wendy being born with a heart condition a life insurance policy on Wendy was out of reach for this young family. Medical bills are sure to come on top of the normal day to day expenses. We can provide a little relief for Denny and the kids by donating financial assistance giving them time together to heal without a stress that daily life brings. A memorial fund has been set up at Wells Fargo under the name “Wendy Kimball Mack Memorial”. Please take the time to donate at your nearest Wells Fargo Branch. You can also make a donation through @ account "" which is Denny’s brother’s account and then all donations will be transferred from there into the memorial fund. No donation is too small!

You are very loved Wendy and little Maylee! You will be deeply missed!

I didn't know this family at all, yet sweet Wendy is teaching me.  She's teaching me and reminding me the truth, and of my gratitude, for forever families.  She's teaching me that my "worries of the day" are so livable and doable.  She's teaching me to build my faith on the rock of my Savior so that when the dark clouds crash and and the storms descend, I can be reassured of eternal peace and a loving God.  And though all may seem hopeless there is a bigger plan and a wiser purpose for things that happen here on earth. 

David may be committed to giving a presentation in Canada on the 25th, (the day we were supposed to go to Disneyland j/k) water came out Jacobs electrical outlet last night when I was taking a bath (?!),
grades from LHS are a little worrisome,
we cant get our family together for family pictures before the mission,
life is full of inconveniences and problems---- 
but they are so okay, so livable. 

My life is beautiful, full of beautiful and loving people.  Things are wonderful.  Thank you Wendy for reminding me.  I pray for the peace of your husband and your parents and your big family.  My heart is heavy for them.

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