Tuesday, May 10, 2011

what we have been up to

We are in the heat of May. Don’t worry, it’s not literally hot—Its barely even warm actually. We are in the heat of the end of the school year, and the ever hovering question as to how the grades will pan out. Joseph got a new job that he is training for 7 hours a day for the next 2 weeks! I hardly see him. Kimmie is busy with school, (she graduates in August) Kneaders, and an internship she has with a physical therapist office near our home. Dave is going to be out of town much of the month, and we are of course closing in on the missionary preparation. Oddly, the bishopric hasn’t mentioned a farewell talk for Aubrey yet. I’m not sure what to do about it. We are new here…. It’s not my place….. 8)
We are also fulfilling a commitment on one of the negotiation points of moving to this home. A part of the lot was kind of wilderness area, and not really usable. The boys wanted a place for the trampoline, and we told them we could clear out the wilderness area to give our yard some romping space. We have a few machines out there and the work is progressing even though there is a lot of rain. There was a water feature started out in the yard, which we are going to fully finish and hopefully not regret 
It will be beautiful. I always thought the previous owner, Laurie did a great job with her choices on the plants in the yard. But this spring there is a lot of maintenance that needs to be done. I’m not a plant person. I am not a sun person, and I’m not a mud, bugs, or grime person. But, David is out of town, so I am tackling it myself. Thankfully Aubrey is more than happy to help and she is brilliant. (I do get a little aggression out with the clippers its true) I fear that because I’ve done it once, the job will now be mine……. Oh please no. So here’s a few pictures of my work. I really should have taken before pictures, but please know it was a nightmare before Aub and I took care of it!

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