Saturday, October 31, 2009

it's got to be done

As much as I generally dislike Halloween, there are a few things about it, I so love & I just have to do. One year we refinished our wood floors over Halloween and stayed at my sisters house for a week. It was so great to have Halloween with the little nieces and nephews, And my own kids loved trick or treating ith cousins, but I missed seeing my own neighborhood kids, and even carving a pumpkin. It threw me not to do those yearly things. It's like when there is a holiday on a Monday and it throws the whole week. The rest of the week you never really know what day it is. So this year, I just did stuff my self since no one else is really interested. I bought enough candy for the too tall to tricker treat ers as well as for the neighborhood kids. Ill love the cool night air, and the smell of the candle burning the top of the Jack-o-lantern. I'll love seeing the little kids and some of the parents come to the door. It's great just to see everyone. I will miss my own kids coming in and out- grabbing the traditional Halloween pizza in between trick or treating adventures.

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