Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesdays at El Azteca

For awhile my sibs that lived near by were meeting each week with our brother Steve for lunch. He works out of town, but once a week he has a break for lunch right in Provo. We stopped doing it, but recently started up again. Because it always starts a family fight to decide where we'll have lunch we have a standing place we go. El Azteca, It is right by Provo High so Brig gets to join us which is very fun. Wish all the nieces and nephews could come... Steve and Ray have a funny relationship, which really, does this surprise anyone?

I love these lunch dates, Mom and Dad usually show up and Louis too. The carne asada taco is great, but if you get the platter, there is plenty to share.. and the babies like me more ;)

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