Monday, October 26, 2009

Just what I thought

This morning Jacob reported waking up during the night with some a
pain. I figured that was pretty suspicious of a break- we got into our
doctor, dr Weipert, at 11:10. He assessed the whole situation,
thinking it might just be a bruised bone, but sent us for an xray
anyway. I went into the xray with Jacob and could see a little
abnormality about where he reported having pain. I was really
surprised to see a break but the technician poo poo ed my guess.
After a cafe rio lunch we got a call reporting he did have a true
fracture. Hummmmm what now xray lady? We went back to the dr and got
a soft splint. Dr Weipert was awesome about the midsummers nights
dream coming up. Jacob has a big part, Oberon in that play. It opens
in 1 1/2 weeks. The dr also prescribed calcium rich foods as well, so
we stopped off at A&W and got him a rootbeer float. So that was my

We'll wrap it up with v t ing and home evening. For fhe we are
watching a Dave Ramsey DVD. Do you know Dave Ramsey? He is awesome!
He's a cross between an financial planner and a preacher man. So now
you're up to date with the fall/xray/soft splint/ Jr high play goings
on :)

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