Monday, October 19, 2009

Macaroni grill bread

I have a friend named Edee. She really doesn't live far from me but I
usually keep up with her via her blog- or at weddig receptions we seem
to visit for awhile. It really is odd. Non the less, she teaches me
things through her blog. Recently she had about The Macaroni Grill.
Yum! David and I love that place, mostly for the chocolate cake. Ah
man who am I kidding? It's mostly for the chocolate ganache on the
chocolate cake, with a tiny bit of icecream. (Last time I had my
annual "x-ray" I comforted myself with that ganache.) David and I
usually split a Tuscan ribeye steak and the ganache, I mean the cake.

Anyway Edee shared a link to a recipe for the bread they serve there.
I whipped out a batch tonight to go with the potato soup I made.
Totally cheater potato soup, but my boys like it.
When the king of the castle comes home, he will love that bread. I
even have some balsamic vinegar and olive oil or dipping


Julie said...

What's your 'cheater potato soup' recipe. I didn't think making potato soup could be any easier!! I use your gramma Pennock's recipe. Just made some Wednesday night. Thanks, too, for honoring my request to read and see your blog. Loveya, ajulie

connie said...

the cheater soup uses frozen hash browns and a dry gravy mix. Ill send you the recipe if ya feel like joining the cheater group ;)