Thursday, January 6, 2011

3 1/2 weeks later

Well the call came! I checked the mail box 3 times before Joseph finally checked and the mail had came. Aubrey was at work so I texted a picture to her.I brought it with me when I picked her up. Well first I ran into roxberry saying I couldn't wait and her call was for Logan Utah. She was very patient to wait for David to come home. She had a plan on how she was going to open the call. She wanted to be alone with David and I. We went into our bedroom and she sat in the middle of the bed while I snapped a few pictures. She pulled out the thin stack of papers and started to read. She smiled. I said, "did someone guess right?"
She nodded. Then she read the letter from President Monson. Her voice broke as she read. By the time she was done I was bawling, for more reasons than you think  She was called somewhere completely different than where I thought she'd go. I can't say where until tomorrow night as I promised not to put the call on the web. But it's the one country I have emotional baggage with. For about an hour I kept crying. Aubrey knew what I was thinking and reassured me she would stay far from trains. If you know what that means you can figure out where she's going and why I freaked which is kind of psycho and illogical.   David reassures me it was my job to cry and worry and hugged me and let me cry.

She won't leave until May 25. She is anxious to get to the temple.

Come what may, I know she will be in Gods care. I trust our Father.  His plan is the plan.
I'm okay and at peace but still a little shocked. Text me if you want to know where she's headed.

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Karie said...

She couldn't have a better mom. Many are and will continue to pray for her, and I know from current experience that there is power in the prayers of family and friends. She will be great!