Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A tough start to 2011

I've had a hard time thinking of what to start 2011 writing about. As usual, you'll get to read about what's on my mind.
Last week I got a call from my sister Krista. It was a call that threw our family into the most heart wrenching circumstance. In the past, I've read blogs of mothers that have endured huge tragedies with their children. (I guess we all have them on some level) but now it was our family's turn with tragedy. My fun smiley faithful beautiful niece, Robin and her great husband, Dennison, had just been told their little three year old boy, Carter had leukemia. It was so hard to believe. How could this happen? Leukemia isn't in our family--- (one case that I know of three generations away.) that diagnosis sent my sister Karie to go to her daughter and her family in Washington. It sent the rest of us reeling with questions, web sites, and many many prayers. We had a family fast on Sunday and I asked myself a few questions. What were we asking Heavenly Father to do? To cure little Carter? Well sure, we would love that. To bless him and his family with peace and soft hearts? Yes we would like that. To help Carter be strong as he faces chemotherapy? Yes. For sure. To help his body respond quickly to the treatments-- yes of course.

No one knows why this is happening. I guess there are things to be learned and experienced for a wise purpose, a purpose higher than we can see.

I guess we fasted for the hand of God to be with Carter and his family as they have a tough time ahead.

It makes my other concerns of saying goodbye to my first missionary and figuring out the jeep replacement seem soooo not important.

If you want to read Robins blog the address is

I'm going to post my favorite Carter picture once I steal it from Robins other blog. I'm not going to say which picture it is else she might take it off her blog before I can snake it.


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Karie said...

Your post started my gears all over again Connie. This has been an unforgettable week, we have felt the love and support of so many. Thank you for all you and your family did and continue to do to help Dennison, Robin and their family.