Thursday, January 20, 2011

Look what came in the mail!

We are knocking out the things to do for the mission. Aubrey's passport came today. It really didn't take long for it to come, we were asked to request the expedited return. Now we are doing the leg work on the visa tasks. Argentina requests a letter from the city where the missionary lives from the police department. We picked that up today too. Good thing she's been a good girl--- besides the clean police record she also carries a temple recommend. (first temple visit is in the works)
If the Argentina people only knew what it took to get one of those documents they would probably not make us check with the police. I guess that's part of why she's going to tell the Argentina folks about temple recommends ;)
So far I know of 3 other people entering the mtc the same day as Aubrey- Scott Raines, Michael Biggs, and Tanner (?) Skousan (I sewed for his brother when he was the lead for Pirates of Penzance, so I know his mom and brother)

maybe all us moms can coordinate to get treats to our kids while they are all in for 9 weeks! Very cool!

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