Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I now have warm feet

Yesterday Krista told us about wearing these shoe-slipper-boots.

Let me start by saying, though I've been guilty of this myself, no one takes slipper wearing (in public) people seriously-- or flannel jammies either.

(((Side note the other day I saw a guy in a store wearing slippers, flannel pants AND a robe!! Come on! if you really can't get dressed, think about staying home buddy.)))

Well Krista, the university graduate recommend them. Then the pioneer woman blogged about them the same day! I never thought they were incredibly good looking, but after my stomping through sundance looking for a familiar cabin plus the cold-ish floors in my home two witnesses were all I needed to push me into them. Got them today at Costco today and my feet have been warm all afternoon and night! My practical side is happy, and warm

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Tabby Grey said...

Caroline has a pair and she loves them. I might need to get me a pair, too.

How completely crazy is it that Aubrey and Scott go into the MTC the same day????? I still can't believe his call has come and it is all happening. Weren't they just little kids together in Primary and YM/YW last year? It sure seems like it.