Thursday, December 15, 2011

How its going

We've had buddy boy Jack here since early Sunday morning. Generally things have gone better than I thought, but night and nap times have been as difficult as I worried about. I decided early on I was in no emotional place to be fighting a two yr old for a week, so we've been playing it pretty loose. Heres a picture I found on my phone--- kinda self incriminating for the anonymous person that took the picture hua? Jack calls my phone "mh-phone" as in "my phone" with a little country accent. The monkey preschool app has been awesome for him.
Today I learned the mall + 2 1/2 year old + grandma = almost certain fail. So we cut the visit short. We swung by and got JC popcorn chicken at sonic and me a good ice cfd coke and called it a win. I am enjoying the simpler days but I will appreciate a full night sleep when that time comes. He's a doll and charming us all, including the uncles.

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Laura said...

Oh we are so incredibly grateful that you guys were able to watch our little love :) Thank you thank you for playing mommy to a 2 year old for a whole week and a day- I know it is very different and difficult (in different ways) than the parenting you are doing right now! We love you and are glad Jack gets to enjoy such wonderful grandparents in his life!