Sunday, December 4, 2011

A new hot cocoa idea

This I must share! I came upon it a while ago and now I must tell you. Now that the cold weather had come Dave and I have hot chocolate almost every night. I have found I like to have both marshmallows AND whipped cream on my drink. The cream pushes the marshmallows down so they soften in the warm cocoa, and the cream, if you use enough ;) keeps the heat in the cup longer. I sprinkle the cream with either Choco sprinkles or these new chocolate chips that are half peppermint half vanilla chips. Delightful!! The Starbucks hot cocoa mix from Costco is awesome, but not for the weak as far as dark chocolate goes. Dave likes the Stephens better, but I love the starbucks with some french vanilla creamer added. Give it a try. You'll thank me


Kadee said...

I'm so going to try this!

Karie said...

Thanks Connie, I think I'll indulge right now!

Sylvia said...

This looks perfect for a December sisters