Friday, December 23, 2011

Look what I won!!

On a recent Studio 5 segment, Mandy Douglas introduced a new way to journal. It was using a calendar and just noting a few events on each day. It certainly isnt my ideal way of journaling, but it is far far more than I have done in years-- decades!! Well, I didnt see her segment live, but I did see it on her blog, a day after it aired. She had a promotional code for 40% off and free shipping if you ordered the journal on the day it aired. I tried to get it for the discounted price, but it wouldnt go throught. Bummer. I looked at her blog again, and she had a give away of two of these journals. I thought, well, Ill give it a go. My odds were better winning on her blog, that getting the discount code to work. AND I WON! cool hua? It came Wednesday, and surprisingly the calendar begins with Dec 2011, and goes through Dec 2012 so I can start immediatly! very cool hua?

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