Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I've joined the elf on a shelf happiness

While my kids were young we really played down the whole Santa thing during Christmas time.
Now that we are mostly through that part of parenthood, I have pretty much swung to the other side of the scale. The new (to me at least) thing is the Elf on a Shelf thing. The elf comes to your house for the Christmas season and reports nightly to Santa of the happenings in your house. Kim, Joseph and Jacob patiently giggled though the story book that comes with the Elf. When presses to name our new little friend they chose "chipwood" which has a connection to the family naughty word, "dip". (If you don't know the dip story please don't mention anything about knowing us to the officers in the city I live in. I'll tell you later.). Anyway, I choose to call him Chip or Chipper.
Chip brought us donuts this morning! We must be doing okay so far. Jack came and may I say he certainly appreciated Chips offering with more sincerity than some others.

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