Monday, August 17, 2009

again, I turn to the ice

after a few weeks of some stress, disappointment and sadness I kinda crashed recently. Heartache in the lives of those around me and a run in with "bells palsy" and some powerful contention in my life finally caught up with me. I think the thing that really pushed it over the edge was a meeting we went to. We had done alot of arranging to make it to the meeting, only to have it be mostly a waste of time and a headache/stomach-ache inducer. So I woke up with the same headache. My remedy? good ice of course- and good happy music played loudly, and taking cookies to Dave at work. As I was headed south on I-15 listening to "sugar sugar you are my candy girl I you got me wanting you" I wondered what other happy songs are out there. I thought about asking my sibs and whole big family about their happy songs. I figured I could make a playlist of everyones songs to help me out when I am activly 'fighting the good fight'. So what do you got? so far I have
If I had a million dollars
accidentally in love
here comes the sun
earl had to die
just to see you smile, though that one really brought out my tears today
girls just wanna have fun
my girl
a few more- I think I like ones with awesome drums
so help me out. What do you think? What songs make you happy?


Robin said...

are you a Nickle Creek fan? all of their songs make me happy.

Holly said...

I am surprised to realize that I can't think of any go to songs at the time, but yesterday I had the radio on and the song "Jesus take the wheel" by Carrie Underwood came on, it made me think of how much we need to rely on Jesus Christ in our down times as always and have faith in his great & wise plan for each of us.