Saturday, August 22, 2009

What I've been sewing

Awhile ago I offered to make Aubrey a new bag for her books this year. Her old bag kinda fell apart. It was a simple canvas bag. She said I could make her one if I wanted and I really did want to. The pattern I bought was from an independant gal- not from a pattern company. Trying to making those little independant jobs is always risky. Sometimes the instructions are hard to understand. (like the Amy Butler everything bag) I made a bag for me so I could try out the pattern before starting AJs bag. Here are the two finished bags. They each have two zippered packets -one on the inside one on the outside- and a sectioned pocket inside, plus a magnet closer. Kinda fun. you can try to guess which is mine and which is Aubreys

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Karie said...

I guess that yours is the foofy, flowery one! Nice job, they look great.