Thursday, August 27, 2009

He did it!

Joseph had his last board of review tonight as a scout. My own history with boy scouts has not been that great and it was soley Joseph and
David that pushed this goal through. He went alone tonight and said it went ok. He has warmed up to attending a ward court of honor, so there may be more ceremony to come. For along time he didn't want any fanfare or recognition. So here he is!! Joseph is AWESOME- and not just cause he attained the rank of Eagle scout


Holly said...

and he's handsome, sweet, polite, respectful, along with all those other scout qualities. Way to go Joseph, this is just the beginning for several lifes goals that will be challanging and tough but you have learned how to finish. That is a very valuable lesson. You will be grateful you have learned this lesson so young.

Karie said...

Congratulations Joseph! We are proud of your accomplishments, what a great example you are to all of us. And thanks for stopping to talk to us at the mall on Saturday, we think you are pretty great.